Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Crafty Creatives Box #5 - Nostalgic/Festive

"Tis the season to ...feel nostalgic! We've tried to recreate that happy peaceful feeling of times gone by, childhood joys and simple pleasures...with a few festive goodies thrown in!"

This months box included...
  • Art Card by featured artist Jo Askey
  • CC Kit! Crochet Mouse - Crochet is one of the first crafts I learnt from my Nan, it'll be interesting to see how much of it I remember!
  • Nostalgic Printed Fabric - This was created by Karen who has a lovely website with other handmade items.
  • 1.5m Festive Ribbon - I love the pattern on this, nice muted colours and almost Scandinavian looking.
  • Vintage Style Alice in Wonderland postcard
  • Jingle Bells - You can never have enough bells! I might incorporate these into some Christmas ornament ideas I have.
  • 3 Carousel Pendants - These have gone straight into the bead/pendant stash, I've got a few other pendants that I think they'll work well with.
  • Mini tea cup and saucer - Have a great idea for these!
  • 2 Card layers
  • 2 Wreath rings - Can't wait to have a play around with these, already have a few ideas!
  • Wooden girl and bunny - These are adorable, not sure how to use them yet though.
  • Edging scissors - This is one tool that I don't already own, I've got a collection of regular scissors but no shaped or edging scissors, interested to see how these work and what I can incorporate the pattern into.
  • Bunch of cinnamon sticks - I love the smell of cinnamon, hoping to incorporate these into a Christmas Decoration idea.
  • Sheet of Christmas scraps

 Do you subscribe to Crafty Creatives? What did you think of this months box? Do you have any ideas or suggestions on what I can make?
Want to get your hands on one of the items from this months box?
There is a now a Crafty Creatives 'Trading Post' Facebook page where fellow crafters can swap/sell/buy items from previous boxes!

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